“Welcome to the fabulous world of Le Cardamomò” 



Le Cardamomò formed at beginning of 2010 playing an old and refined repertoire in the streets and squares of their native city Rome. Playing old melodies with traditional and acoustic instruments such as violin, voice, diatonic accordion and alt-horn evokes atmospheres of nostalgia and memories of a distant past. From this concept Le Cardamomò created a show, in which four characters, each one with his own story, bring the audience on a figurative journey through the ports, taverns and ballrooms of a lost Europe. 

Le Cardamomò took part in several music, theatre and busker Festivals, they also played in clubs and theatres all over Italy and Germany. In december 2012, Le Cardamomò released their first self-produced album: Cardamomò, with the participation of Alessandro Pieravanti (drums and glockenspiel) and Pietro Santangelo (sound effects), presented on the Radio and reviewed on national music magazines. In december 2013, they released their first music video, “Valse de Meduse”, created with motion graphics and directed by Gioia Di Biagio and Sara Taigher (copyright: Le Cardamomò, SoWhat, RatCreative). The music video won several prizes in Italy and was nominated at Berlin Music Video Awards 2014. 

In september 2014 they will release their new album: Valse de Meduse. 

Le Cardamomò are: Antonia Harper, vocals and violin; Gioia Di Biagio: diatonique accordion; Marta Vitalini: diatonique accordion; Ivan Radicioni: trumpet and alt-horn. 


© 2013 by Gioia Di Biagio

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